Infocenter Überseestadt

The Infocenter provides answers to key questions about the Überseestadt Bremen: What has been achieved so far? What is planned? Where are the new opportunities?
It offers information on "Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow " in the Überseestadt, allowing insight into historical, interesting developments, the main players, infrastructure measures and current projects. The Infocenter also has a special exhibition area where it runs varying exhibitions on the Überseestadt.


Current projects in the Überseestadt Bremen

The Überseestadt Bremen is one of the largest urban development projects in Europe. Over the past 11 years and within an area of approximately 300 hectares a modern and lively district has been emerging here in a historic waterside location. The area’s distinctive appearance is marked by the juxtaposition of historic warehouses and contemporary architecture. Traditional existing companies from the port management and logistics sectors happily pursue their business interests alongside creative industries, modern services, restaurants, cultural facilities and innovative housing projects.


Milestones of development

Through the implementation of various projects the Überseestadt Bremen has in recent years rapidly become a lively district that caters for numerous interests. The measures undertaken so far include: the establishment of the wholesale market / freshness centre, restoration and conversion of the old sheds and warehouses, development of the Europahafen to create a maritime promenade, and various complex infrastructure projects.